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Real world evidence video

Learn more about our REWEAL initiative and how RWE studies and RCTs complement each other

5 key principles of real world evidence

RWE and RCTs used together can be the best in both worlds as they complement each other

Securing quality RWE in AIT

When is it most appropriate to generate evidence using real world data, how can studies be conducted to generate reliable results, and how can we identify which studies have been conducted in a rigorous, scientific way?

The REACT (REAl world effeCtiveness of allergy immunoTherapy) study

REACT is a large, retrospective real world effectiveness study, applying high scientific standards. The aim of REACT is to assess the long-term effectiveness of AIT in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Pitfalls of real world evidence

Read about some of the challenges related to moving out of RCTs and into RWE studies in the field of allergy

Who guides us on how to perform good RWE studies?

With the increasing use of RWE for decision making among various stakeholders comes an increasing need for guidelines and good practice principles for RWE studies.

Words to know – glossary

Understand what is behind the words. Find definitions of terms you might come across in the world of real world evidence and beyond.
RWD the backbone of RWE

Turning real world data into evidence

RWD is an overarching term for data not collected in the context of conventional RCT. RWD can be collected both prospectively and retrospectively from observations of routine clinical practice.